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EMAIL US:info@tech-star.com.cn

CALL US:+86 0510 8516 7909

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Techstar Industrial Technology C., Ltd is a company specializes in manufacturing and selling  mechanical transmission products, focusing on high-precision planetary reducer. Product core technique core comes from Japan and Taiwan, products in tire equipment, automotive equipment, laser cutting, high-end packaging equipment, photovoltaic equipment and other industries widely used。
 we have a complete product solutions, product model covers 97% of the equipment application and industry demand, we provide comprehensive technical support and product training, We have been constantly improving the process of production, upgrade product performance and quality, to provide customers with better services. In the production process, we have the latest precision machine tools, testing equipment and inspection equipment, to ensure that the products are more high-quality and reliable. 
Your satisfaction, is the objective which we serve.
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    袁先生:+86 183 0619 8093
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